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3. A brief history of St. Cho, HeeSeung

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Saturday, 01 November 2008 15:22
1931. 8. 12 Born in GhamJungNi KimPoMyon KimPoGoon KyungKeeDo

  • suffered harshly from starvation during the periods of Japanese's enforced possession of Korea; even though in such hard conditions, his life was in the spirit of self-sacrifice.
  • set up his goal that is to find a way in order not to let people die so that he would become a King of kings; found a clue in the Bible that is talking about eternal life before enter into Christianity.

  • In the beginning of Korean War, the 19 years old student was captured by the Red Army as he rung a church bell; then was moved on bare foot over a month to North Korean territory with other patriots with their hands were tighten together with metal wires.
  • was one of victims at the shooting execution; was only survier out of couple of hundred; for 2 bullets missed him and he lost his senses at the sound of gunfire before fell on the bloody earth.
  • became the 1st chief of public security in DaeDongGoon; captured many red armys to sent them to the concentration camp in SinYangNi.
  • His strict assertion saying that do not kill people even they are red armys misidentified him as an agent of the red armys; arrested and moved into the concentration camp in SinYangNi where lots of red armys reside in, some of them were captured by him.
  • transfered to GerJaeDo concentration camp via KaYar camp via DongYang taxtile factory camp.
  • survived from execution after the communist's kangaroo court thanks to the communist leader who had saved his life because of Cho in DaeDongGoon.
  • set up an anti-communism revolution in the camp where commuist were killing people based on their kangaroo court before devide those captives into 2 groups; communist and democrat.
  • wrote a petition in his own blood asking to free those war prisoners who are not.
  • freed from the concentration camp

  • commissioned second lieutenant and disposed to the front line; then the war was overed
  • tought soldiers during day time and civilians at night; established many schools in the area he serviced: IlDong Middle&High School in PhoChon KyungKeeDo, SangSu Middle School in YangJu KyungKeeDo, Agricultural & Stock Techical High School in DongDuChon KyungKeeDo, JaeGern Middle School in EakSan JunBunk, DaeKoo Techinical High School, SangMyung Girls High Shool in KwangJoo JunNam.
  • found churchs..
    SangSu the Presbyterian church, MaGeeRee Methodist church

The Elder Park, TaeSeon and JeonDoKwan

  • elder Park had risen spiritual power over the War
  • Due to the elder's high level of words and his hilling power, JeonDoKwan grew very fast in volume.
  • After the War, it had 1.5 million followers.
  • He declared himself an olive tree.
  • The tree is looking for two branches from the beginning of his works.

  • experienced one of his eardrum's revival since an operation done in his dream by the presbyter Park, TaeSeon who had been regarded as a head satan; entered into JeonDoKwan which was found by the presbyter Park.

  • as a missionary he found many JeonDoKwan churches:
    KeumMaJeDan, GaeBongDongJeDan, DhoBongDongJeDan, SuGhungDongJeDan, etc

A deaconess Hong,UpBee and her alchemy

  • In JeonDoKwan, she was regarded as an angel-satan so that she was treated hashly in various way you may imagine.
  • shared little foods in begger's bin, slept on a stony place for floor sky for roof, for example, she prayed all the time at her best for many years.
  • A small structure with burnt remains was build for her to pray by the order from the elder Park. And the area became MilSil where the spiritual mother gave birth her spiritual son.
  • She was called HaeWa later.

He was obedient to the elder Park's order; do not stand on the platform from now on and not need to receive my close inspection from now on.

  • as the elder Park would stop to give Cho the close inspection, Church's followers began to regard Cho as a satan and gave Cho disdainful treatments and cruelties.
  • done 14 times of fasting prayer for 30 days
  • done a fasting prayer for 30 days on gravels to his bare knees later
  • done a fasting prayer for 30 days on broken glass bottle to his bare knees; He was resigned to death.

established GongYouMulSan Ltd.

  • signed on a provisional contract with Chinese government for the rights of China's exploitation of resources before he followed HaeWa obediently to enter into the MilSil.

HaeWa's teaching in MilSil

  • do not think about family,
  • do not think about worldly works,
  • do not think about you,
  • do not think about past,
  • do not think about future,
  • he did those tasks that hold down his mind not to move; no man could do those tasks even for a minute but Cho did.
  • when he convert a whole church into JeonDoKwan after a few times of his gospel preaching, he felt happy on the way back to MilSil. But HaeWa heaped abuses on Cho and beated him ruthless screaming that you commited an adultery sin of like.
  • as far as he could judge; even though I have done a great job to make God happy and this way prevents me from being happy. This is not the way man could go and I cannot go this way any further. Then he decided to kill himself as he had promised when he had entered into MilSil leaving everything behind.
  • while he tried to find a string to hang himself, he was overcome with sorrow and fell to crying as snapshots of his hard life passing through his mind. Then suddenly the elder Park appeared in front of him and both cried in the excess of grief with holding their hands. Please stop, please stand a little more. They all cried so long before Cho changed his mind to restart and looked for the elder Park, but nobody was in the room except Cho; the room was locked inside.
HaeWa also has strong spiritual power that reads other's mind and interpretes dream. She also has power to put satan into the abyss.

  • Though he did pray over night to follow HeaWa's order that let him pray, HaeWa judged Cho did not pray even a second. And HaeWa always asked Cho to pray without saying how, so Cho thought her judgement attentively.
  • It was light in the dark thornbush to a man finding a path with his bare hand that Cho realised the Satan is right I, self-consciousness.
  • Cho identified the Satan and it's location at last

The Armageddon War of God vs Satan

  • Abraham's God via Isaiah's God via Jacob' God via Dan's God via Park, TaeSeon' God via Hong, UpBi's God reaches to the seventh God in Cho, HeeSeoung; The war of God against the Satan who has authority of death is very the Armageddon War in the Revealation.
  • Did not eat when he want to eat, did not sleep when he feels sleepy, did not rest when he want to have some rest, thank someone who beat him instead of against, regarded everyone as God, regarded everyone's mistakes as his own, regarded everyone's sin as his own.
  • His mind did not move even a second and highly focused on only one object, God for the last 21days in full. There was no sound of gunfire, nor anybody realised the War of gods. But the War cost as much tears, blood, sweat, pains as other wars in human history. And finally the victory was God's, our true Load, Victor Christ.

  • HaeWa proclaimed that Cho became Victor; Cho responsed in his mind that it is not me but God who have won Cho.
  • HaeWa proclaimed that Cho wins again; Cho responsed in his mind that it is also God who wins again.
  • A few days later, HaeWa proclaimed that Cho became the Master.
  • A few days later, now whatever you do all yours shall not be judged as sin forever.
  • A few days later, now it will be cleansed as you cleanse, it will be excused as you excuse.
  • Then, HaeWa proclaimed that now you are God.
  • After this proclamation Cho begain to be called ChoHaNaNim among the MilSil family; means Cho the God.
  • Victor began exercise to redeem those MilSil family from sin in the manner of step by step.

The Elder Park began to take JeonDoKwan apart

  • Announced his branch won
  • He called himself a grand-mother
  • Announced suggestively that Victor is in YeokGok
  • Began to sold gainful factories one by one
  • While factories went bankrupt and his son in jail, Park ordered an operations of laugh and danced on the flatform.
  • Began to reveal Jesus's identity.
  • Many fllowers regarded the elder Park gone crazy and left JeonDoKwan to set up their own churches around the country.

HaeWa ordered Cho out from MilSil and do his own will after one years of exercise.

  • Established BackMan SeungNiJeDan (Victory Altar) in YukGhoc SoSaKu BuChonSi Korea and preaches the truth of immortality

Was charged with murder instigation and arrested

  • sentenced not guilty of the murder instigation

While He was still in custody, the prosecution changed the indictment to charge with fraud;

  • sentenced 4 years in jail

While He was in jail, the prosecution charged with same issue but different victims.

  • sentenced 2 and a half years in jail
  • the period of time spent over the trial was 6 monthes, and it did not accumulated into the time served

Released on parole

  • served 7 years in total

Was charged with the previous murder instigation and arrested

  • sentenced to death in the court
  • sentenced not guilty in the court of appeals
  • but sentenced 2 years in jail with charge of criminal escape

2004. 6.19

Victor Christ gave up to be in a human body, Cho, and turned to His original body which is light, during the trial to prevent world from blowing up as He knew that Cho will be sentenced to death in the high court.

  • fixed not guilty in the high court by rejecting the case
  • But Victor Christ is a living being that exists in different form compare to human; He is light in nature; He flys to everywhere throughout past, current and future. He was not a human being since God had became Victor, even though he was seen so to us.
  • In men's view point, the expression of 'Cho die' is not a wrong one, but in God's view point, the expression of 'BoKwang', means the light of casting is right.
  • The difference of Cho's death to others is that He made a lot of speeches of his death in various channel over many years. And the KyockAmYouRok has verses prophecying that the Savior would die in prison.
  • Now, problem is with us; The disconnection of the linkage between our true Savior and sinners like us would make narrow the path of the salvation.

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